New Insider Threat Emerges in the New Economy

Information security experts are bracing for the law of unintended consequences to swing into action in 2009 as layoffs, downsizing and low morale add to the risk of insider threat, looking to profit off of proprietary intellectual property, customer contact lists, trade secrets and any other sensitive information. Many employees have admitted as much themselves in recent surveys — last December the majority of participants in a survey reported that if they were fired tomorrow they would definitely take company data with them to their next employer. To neutralize the threats posed by insiders with ample motivation, IT departments must take away the means and the opportunities to commit crimes. In this white paper you will learn how employees and partners are engaging with your IT assets and intellectual property as well as key steps to prevent this new insider threat within your organization.

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Laptop Security: The First Line of Defense

Enterprises spend millions on security solutions — firewalls, VPNs, antivirus, encryption, you name it. Yet they often miss the obvious: your company’s laptop computers. Security and privacy policies can reduce the risk of data breaches, but the first line of defense against data and equipment theft should always be a computer lock.

Kensington’s hardware solutions are powerful weapons in today’s enterprise-security arsenal, and they provide:

  • Varying degrees of access, depending on your needs
  • Ease of use
  • Simple deployment

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